A Day in Toyland Fearless Orch.
A day in Venice (Suite) No.2 Orchestra
A Little Love, A Little Kiss R. Errolle
A Perfect Day (Xylo) Lou China "Friscoe"
A Red-Headed Widow Was The Cause Of It All W. Hodgin
A Street Corner Quartet Nat'l Male Quar.
A Submarine Attack Premier Quar. & Co.
A Wonderful Thing Betsy Shepard
All Aboard For Heaven A. Hall & J. Ryan
All Go Hungry Hash House E.V. Stoneman
Aloha Oe Paka's Hawaiians
Amor Banda De Policia
An Ugly Gal's Got Something To Beat W. Hodgin
At The Moving Picture Ball M. Burkhart
Babes In Toyland Selections V. Herbert & His Orch.
Beela Boola Electric City 4
Bell Solo From The Magic Flute (Bells) Daab
Boston Commandey March Edison Concert Band
Breakfast In Bed Harry Lauder
Breakfast In Bed 2 H. Lauder
By The Waters Of Minnetonka- Fox Trot Mel Craig's Orch.
Camp Meeting Band Collins & Harlan
Cherie - Chilly Pom Pom Pee The Radio Franks
Chili Bean B. Murray
Constantinople J. Parker & W. Donaldson
Crazy Quilt (Piano) Constance Mering
Darkies Dream & Darkies Awakening Van Eps
Darling Medley - Fox Trot Della Robbia Orch.
Down In Chinatown Premier Quar
Down In The Jungle Land Collins & Harlan
Dream Kisses The Radio Franks
Dream River Aloha- Land Seranders
Dreaming Of You G. Ballard
Dwellers In The Western World Sousa's Band
Egyptland - Fox Trot Green Bros. Novelty Orch.
Eleaor - Fox Trot Imperial Marimba Band
Erin C. Hart & Cho.
Everybody Calls Her Sunshine G. Ballard & Cho.
Father's Eccentricities
Frankie And Johnnie B. Jones
Giggling Gertie Vaughn De Leath
Girl Of My Dreams - Waltz Al Friedman & His Orch.
Gypsy Girl - Fox Trot Tuxedo Dance Orch.
Happy Go Lucky Lane Vaughn De Leath
Has Anybody Seen My Corinne V. Dalhart
Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie B. Jones & E. Ware
Hey! Hey! Hazel- Fox Trot H. Reser's Rounders
I Love A Lassie H. Lauder
I Love A Lassie McGregor
I Miss My Swiss- Fox Trot & Song Tennessee Happy Boys
I Was Never Nearer Heaven In My Life Mayo & Tally
I Was Never Nearer Heaven In My Life
I'll Get By-Fox Trot B.A. Rolfe & His Orchard
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen W. Van Brunt & Cho.
I'm A Lonesome Little Raindrop R. Jones
I'm All Bound Round With The Mason Dixon Line V. Dalhart
I'm On My Way To Dublin Bay Medley-One-Step Jaudas' Society Orch.
In The Garden Of Romance - Little Miss Springtime G. Rice & F. Wheeler
In The Little Red School House B. Jones & E. Hare
It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary Farrington & Chorus
Jack Of All Trades F. Luther & His Pards
Jene Sais Papa - Fox Trot H. Raderman's Jazz Orch
Johnny's in Town A. Fields & Cho.
Just A Wee Deoch And Doris H. Lauder
Karzan-Fox Trot Green Bros. Novelty Orch.
La Gypsey- Mazurka Ecossaise Sousa's Band
La Marseillaise O. Langevin
Light As A Feather (Bells) Daab
Limpy Imp Sosero's Band
Lindy Premier Quar.
Lolly Pops (Banjo) N. Reser
Makin' Whoopee! - Fox Trot B.A. Rolfe & His Orchard
Margie - Medley Fox Trot Della Robbia Orch.
Medely of Reels Kitty O'Neill
Medley Of Old Time Tunes Frosini
Mickey V. Dalhart
Mr. Aeroplane Man
Mr. Hoover And Mr. Smith B. Jones & B. Ware
My Gal Sal - Fox Trot Winegar's Penn. Boys
My Hawaiian South Sea Serenaders
My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race Hann's Emperors of Song
My Wild Irish Rose W. Van Brunt
New River Train V. Dalhart & Co.
Night After Night - Fox Trot Kaplin's Melodists
On A Laundry Wagon Two Dark Knights
Parted H. Macklin
Pompanola- Fox Trot L. Dreyer & His Orch.
Pullman Porters Two Dark Knights
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet Phillips & Chorus
Roamin' In The Gloamin' Harry Lauder
Roamin' In The Gloamin' G. Ellison
Rock Me In My Swanee Cradle V. Dalhart & Co.
Roll 'Em Girls- Fox Trot The Florida Four
Romance - Waltz Della Robbia Orch.
Row, Row, Rosie!-Fox Trot & Song M. Speciale & His Orch.
Sailor's Hornpipe Medley (Violin) D'Almaine
Satisfied Al Bernard & E. Hare
Save A Little Dram For Me D. Rogers
Saxophone Fantasie R. Wiedoeft
She's A Great, Great Girl - Fox Trot A. Fields & His Assassinators
Shout All Over God's Heaven Fisk University Jusilee Orch.
Silent Night Elizabeth Spencer, Anthony, & Harrison
Silver Bell Ada Jones & B. Murray
Silver Star Gladys Rice & G. Ballard
Silver Threads Amoung The Gold (Xylo) Lou China "Friscoe"
Slide, Kelly, Slide (Trombone Blues) Al Bernard & E. Hare
Smiles The Harmony Four
Snow Deer Jones & Murray
Someday Down In Carolin' - Fox Trot The All Star Trio
Speed-One Step Lenzberg's Riverside Orch.
Sudan - Fox Trot Green Bros. Novelty Orch.
Swanee Al Bernard & F. Kamplin
Sweet Jasmine (Banjo) Olly Oakley
Take This Letter To My Mother W. Oakland
Tattooed Man Selections V. Herbert & His Orch.
The Aba Daba Honeymoon Collins & Harlan
The American Legion March Conway's Band
The Boy And The Birds N.Y. Military Band
The Crocodile Imperial Marimba Band
The Girl that Lived on Polecat Creek
The Last Waltz Sisty & Seitz's Banjo Orch.
The Little Ford Rambled Right Along B. Murray & Cho.
The Little Red Schoolhouse
The Medley Of Hawaiian Airs-No. 1 (Guitar Duet) Louis & Ferreira
The Midnight Waltz J. Stillman's Orch.
The Nightingale's song - Pinafore V. Dalhart
The Preacher And The Bear A. Collins
The Raggity Man Ed Meeker
The Rocky Road To Dublin - Reel (Violin) A. Sisson
The Runaway Train V. Dalhart
The Talkative Waitress Irene Franklin
There's A Little Baby Up In The Moon I. Kaufman
There's Silver In Your Hair L. James
They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me B. Murray & Cho.
They Landed Over Here From Over There A. Fields & Cho.
Tis I T.F. Kinniburgh
Together We Two J. Parker
Too Much Mustard
Turkey In The Straw Sketch Golden & Hughes
Ukulele Lady (Banjo) E. Peabody
Uncle Josh Buys An Automobile Cal Stewart
We're Tenting To-Night Knickerbocker Quartet
What Have I To Give? E. Randolph
When Summer Is Gone Mid-Pacific Hawaiians
When The Bell In The Lighthouse Rings Reed
When The Robert Lee Comes To Town B.A. Rolfe & His Orchard
When You And I Were Young Maggie Blues B. Jones & Cho.
Where the Little Violets Grow Oreste & His Orch.
Where The Sunset Turns The Oceans Blue To Gold G. Ballard
William Tell Overture- Part 2 Sodero's Band
Yes! We Have No Bananas Billy Jones
You Made Me Love You Moss- Squire Orch.

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